Shepherdstown Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Shepherdstown Wastewater Treatment Plant; Shepherdstown, WV

Chapman Technical Group provided design and construction observation services for Wastewater System Improvements project consisting of the renovation and upgrade of the existing wastewater treatment plant in order to meet growth and nutrient removal initiated by the Chesapeake Bay Program. The treatment capacity will increase from 0.40 MGD to 0.80 MGD. The upgrade/renovation consists of a new headworks facility featuring one (1) 3 mm coarse screen, two (2) 2 mm fine screens, screening wash compactor, 2.5 MGD grit removal system, all housed in a 1,120 SF metal building; 800,000 GPD Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) treatment system consisting of converting the existing aeration basins to bioreactor treatment basins, construction of new membrane treatment tanks and MBR equipment housed in a 5,100 SF pre-engineered metal building; new aerobic digester; new UV disinfection unit; non-potable water system; chemical feed equipment; renovate existing plant lift station; relocate existing rotary fan press; new sludge conveying equipment; improvements to the existing Control Building and demolition of existing aerobic digester, break room building, sludge drying beds, existing secondary clarifiers, existing sludge pump building and chlorine contact tank.