• LiDAR Combined Points, Marion County, WV

  • Aerial LiDAR Contours, Marion County, WV

  • Countywide LiDAR and Mapping, Marion County, WV

The ability to define the relative position of a feature on the earth's surface has transformed the way we live our lives. From using GPS technology for driving directions, to locating a utility line on a mobile app, geospatial services are the foundation of many pioneering projects.  Offering the latest technology, Chapman Technical Group and GRW specializes in highly accurate data solutions designed to meet your needs and budget. 

From aerial photography and orthoimagery to GIS design and data conversion, we have the expertise and resources that will ensure the success of your project. We have an experienced team of certified photogrammetrists, certified GIS professionals, and licensed surveyors. Our specialized skills include airport obstruction analysis, monumentation and GPS surveying, height modernization, aerial LiDAR, mobile terrestrial LiDAR, and stationary terrestrial LiDAR services.

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